Sunday, June 2, 2013

the sweetness of a place

Woke up at 6am on my first morning here in Toowoomba to the most bizarre bird calls. I watched the sky grow lighter and their calls become quicker and louder, gradually. I'm not sure if it's the jetlag or the magic of this land that has me so alert and what feels like a highspeed train of thoughts running through me. 

This town is the epitome of quaint but literally in the very best way. The nature that surrounds it, the calm beauty of everyone and everything is just overwhelming. But good overwhelming, calm, chill, evenflow.  Everyone seems so happy to be living here, content. 

While taking Axle (the dog) to let off some steam at the dog park, I felt like I was on the set of Pride and Prejudice. It just happened to be right as the sun was setting pink into the green hills and the lights in the distance were sparkling on and the fog that had lingered all day and finally cleared had come back in the most faint sense of itself. 

I keep questioning the light here.  Is it different? The greens seem greener and the sky is SO blue.  I wonder though, is the blue bluer because of the light grey, thin clouds that linger in the morning, clear and then return again in the evening? They blend so softly together and sit perfectly above the completely green trees and grass. It all just feels so fresh, new, light. 

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