Friday, June 21, 2013

MCA sydney

It was so nice to see an entire space transformed into an artists mind.  Seen in the first three pictures below, you walk into this space within a room in the gallery and you are hit in the face with the smell of old spilt red wine. The room is decorated like the dinning hall of a barbaric king in some medieval tale.

 Below is a photo from a room full of high chairs wrapped with what looks like garbage bags and tinsel and synthetic hair.  

In yet another of Mutu's rooms you find this wall painting complete with fur.  You can see a video of it up close here.

opposite the painting above were these beeeeautiful collages on postcard. They are from her series, Bedroom Masks. Some were layed out on wooden blocks in these cases almost like precious artifacts.  Others were framed in groups of 4, or framed in pairs and scattered on the wall like you see below.  

Much of the gallery walls were covered in this felt looking material you see on the post below.  I may just be a naive observer but at one point I turned to my friend and said, "are the walls always like this here or did the artist do this?" Obviously the artist had transformed every inch of the entire space, as most galleries are white walls to start but I think the question came from a feeling of seamlessness. Even though Mutu is using cheap, trash-like materials, the install is done so well that it seems like such a natural setting, meaning nothing looks out of place. 

More framed collages/paintings and another bizarre wall installation with small "creatures"

 Below is the first room we walked into.  Mutu has taken chunks out of the gallery wall and the mounds on the floor are made with synthetic hair and packing tape. Through out the three rooms of Mutu's show the lighting was consistently dim.  It felt so comfortable and peaceful in the space, especially with all the muted, earthy colors.

Below is the entrance of the MCA which is FREE by the way.  It's looking out on to the Sydney Harbor.  The opera house is diagonally to the left across the water.

There was also, a Jeff Wall show. I had never seen his lightboxes which are just jaw dropping to see in person. These photographs are huge, like 6ft x 10ft, and are so bright and luminous. The show consisted of new and old photos, light boxes and framed photographs.  It was amazing to see the lightboxes in the same space as the framed photos. Both are exquisitely beautiful.  Every single one of the pictures was incredible. 

Some of the MCA collection which consists of all Australian artists. I feel so closed off because I knew NONE of the works...none of it. 

view from some of the windows of the business district of Sydney...downtown.

I may have loved the aboriginal art most.  It's on tree bark that has bent and curved in the most beautiful ways. And the shapes of each of the pieces! 

I hit my head on this chandelier.  I really think you might be meant to.  It's quite low.

More views

Coolest bathroom. 

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